Behind every successful performer, in any field of life, is a great mentor.

Mentors are generally people who have a wealth of experience, a way with words and people; and are happy to share, inspire and encourage others.

I provide musicians in New Zealand, at any stage of their career, with the benefits provided by a mentor.

I don’t bother with theories, or come from a place of academia – I give the musicians I work with real world advice and knowledge.


This knowledge comes from a career that first found success with rock band Midnight Youth. As the lead songwriter and vocalist I toured the world, signed major and indie-label deals, played to a crowd of 250,000 people and to a crowd of one whilst winning numerous awards along the way. I’ve seen massive highs and huge lows, made albums with a band and as a solo artist and written for myself as well as other artists.

On top of this, I am a current, working musician – writing, recording, releasing music and sustaining a professional career.

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It is from this place that I can help you grow on your journey, save you from many of the mistakes I’ve made and fast-track you to a place where your music can be heard by a wider audience.

I’m taking on a limited number of mentees to work with over the coming months and am particularly interested in helping students prepare for Rockquest and NCEA contemporary music assessments during this time. Fill out the form below for more info and to see if we’re a fit to work together.


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