Key Career Facts

  • Winner of two New Zealand Music Awards with Midnight Youth (best group, best rock album)
  • Winner of APRA Silver Scroll with Midnight Youth
  • Writer of ten Top 40 New Zealand radio hits including solo singles Bad Philosophy and One Day Alone.
  • Released three top 10 albums in New Zealand in succession.
  • Presented two nationally-aired television shows (Smokefree Rockquest, Bguided TV)
  • Played Simon Zealotes in Auckland Theatre Company's production of Jesus Christ Superstar.


In a world of pop music that indulges the flamboyant and embraces the sensational, the rise to fame of an unassuming, boy-next-door type like Jeremy Redmore would appear from the outset as a most unlikely tale. 

While he is now regarded as a highly respected figure on the New Zealand music scene, Redmore’s introduction to the spotlight is an improbable tale that could just as easily be a script for a fantastical cartoon as it could be real life.

Suspend belief to picture New Zealand’s music scene as an episode of The Simpsons. The opening scene takes place eight years ago as Millhouse –bespectacled, physically unassuming, socially reticent and highly unfashionable – responds to an ad on the Internet for a lead singer in a rock n’ roll band.

A transformation as smooth as only a cartoon character can experience immediately comes to pass. A voice appears, along with an attitude, drive and the ability to compose.

Suddenly Millhouse is fronting a successful band; his debut album goes platinum; he wins multiple awards and tours the world, leaving his old, nondescript life behind.

Another album follows before Millhouse again defies appearance - as well as apparent sense - by quitting his band, sacking his management and starting again to follow his dreams as a solo act. 

Two television shows, one self-written, self-produced and self-managed solo record and a starring role in Jesus Christ Superstar later and this character has quickly established his own identity in the world. 

We’re not enlightened as to how this episode may end - like Jeremy Redmore’s mirrored musical path, the future is unpredictable.

However, what we do know is that, despite being void of almost all typical appearances, Redmore’s pedigree and ability as a songwriter, singer, performer and now producer is an impressive one.